Monday, July 13, 2015

To My Friends Who Cannot Take the Sacrament

At times as I pass the sacrament, I notice that some individuals opt not to partake. I remember as a youth with a pornography addiction that I was scared of someone seeing that I wouldn't take the sacrament. What would they think? Surely they'd judge me, right? Certainly word could get around the whole ward that I was a horrid sinner who had gotten himself in deep enough in sin that he wasn't to take the sacrament. These thoughts did not come from God. They came from the adversary, trying to persuade me to continue in self-hate, which only drove me further into addiction.

I've learned a lot about the sacrament (and particularly not partaking of it) since high school when my addiction has flared up anew. If I do not take the sacrament because of a relapse, it's not because the Lord wants me to feel worthless. It's because He loves me and wants me to be free of condemnation.

Where I am now, understanding the sacrament as I now understand it, I know that this "restriction" from taking the sacrament is a step of the repentance process. It's an expression of His love for you as His child.

To my friends who are unable to partake of the sacrament: God loves you. You matter to Him. If I see you unable to partake of the sacrament, my first instinct is to pray for you. You are worthy of God's love and I pray that you are able to feel that and that you are soon able to partake of the sacrament again. Keep coming to church! Don't give up! My friend, I love you. If you feel discouraged, remember that you have at least one friend praying for you.

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  1. Spencer. This is a beautiful post. Thank you for it.


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