Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 13

Written August 13, 2013
Transcribed August 24, 2013

I’m sitting on the lido deck of the Carnival Conquest cruise ship as I write this. I just got done playing mini-golf with my two sisters-in-law, my little brother, and one of my nephews, the whole time holding my baby nephew (and I did a pretty good job for mini-golfing one-handed).

According to my journal, today is one year since I first started reading Voices of Hope, after having had it recommended to me for months. Little did I know when I opened that book for the first time, I would soon be joining those men and women. One year ago today, I had the prompting that ended up changing my life on October 20.

I’ve learned a lot since then. And I wanted to share a little of that:

1.      It’s okay to love
2.      It’s okay to be loved.
4.      I need guy time every once and a while.
5.      Nothing can compensate for lost sleep.
6.      Sometimes a good night’s slight can fix everything (or at least put it back in perspective).
7.      Physical touch doesn’t have to be sexual.
8.      Physical touch can easily turn sexual.
9.      A good hug can put my crises in the proper perspective.
10.  Having a best friend who tries to understand SSA is invaluable.
11.  Emotions are not good or bad; they just are.
12.  Forgiveness is always possible, for me and for others.
13.  Love is always the answer, even if it’s tough love.
14.  Priesthood leaders are not perfect.
15.  Imperfect priesthood leaders are not a good reason for me to leave the church.
16.  A talk with a kind priesthood leader can change my mood completely.
17.  God can take it when I need to express anger with Him.
18.  Someone saying something ignorant or stupid doesn’t mean they don’t love me.
19.  The only person I can control is me.
20.  Trying to control others is exhausting and pointless.
21.  God can make good use out of a bad decision.

Those are just the lessons that came to mind today. I’ve been blessed to learn these lessons, and many others, during this past year. It hasn’t been easy (in fact some parts of it have been my own personal hell) but I can see how it’s helped me grow.

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  1. Spencer, these are great lessons to be learned! ...and you are so blessed to have the best friend you do have! :-)


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