Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Week in Brampton, Ontario

Thursday morning we went to the mission home, got interviewed by President Middleton, and got assigned trainers. My trainer is Elder Call, from Arizona. We're serving in the Creditview Ward in Brampton. He's a great companion. I really admire how he can talk to anyone about the gospel without fear (I'm working on getting over that fear).

Last weekend, we taught Louie. He's a twelve-year-old boy whose mother died recently. He lives with his aunt and uncle on the weekend, who are members of the church. So last weekend, we got to teach him twice. Saturday, we gave him 2 Nephi 31 to read and pray about and on Sunday we went over the chapter with him. It was cool to hear what he said he'd felt while he was praying. He said it was weird, like he was in a dream or something, but he said it was a good feeling. I know he felt the Spirit.

We also taught a 26-year-old man last weekend whose name was Damien. He's an interesting guy. I won't got into a lot of depth about that, but I kind of felt like while we were teaching him, he wasn't open to listening to the Spirit. He's nice and everything, but I felt like he was trying to just listen to us and not to the Spirit. Maybe that's just the way new investigators are... I'm not sure.

The ward here is great though. But later on Sunday, we went to teach Louie for the second time that weekend (like I mentioned above) and when we got there, Sister Ocampo (Louie's aunt) was very cheerful, telling us to come in, and basically forced us to have some food (even though we had a dinner appointment for about an hour later, haha).

I do have something really exciting to look forward to this week. On Saturday night, last week, the district leaders called and gave us some instructions about emailing the mission president (they said to email President Brower, the new mission president, instead of President Middleton, the old mission president) and they reminded us about district meeting, but the thing that really got me excited was that there's a temple trip this Friday! I'm going to have to get up ridiculously early to go, but I'm so excited to get to go to the Toronto Temple so early in my mission.

That's all for now, I guess. This church is true. There's no way it isn't. I want to work so hard to get over the fear of talking to people, so that I can share with them what I know. I'm so excited!!! I want you to know that I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. Not only will He save us from our sins, but He will also help us through our trials. I've felt that help from the Savior. I know it's real. I know that there is power in the scriptures. I love reading the scriptures. They are amazing!!! I've learned that that is how Heavenly Father helps us the most. We can say all the prayers we want, but unless we're willing to look for the answers, He can't give them to us.

Elder Ficiur

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