Sunday, May 31, 2015

Letters from Spain (2)

It's been a few weeks since I posted my last blog post. In these weeks, we've gone to a few different places. Burgos, El Escorial, and little towns and monasteries along the way. We've also gone to the Madrid Temple and I've gone to Madrid a few times outside of this. We visited museums, cathedrals, and more. I like the architecture. Just a few days ago, we climbed a tower in Santo Domingo de la Calzada? and another in Burgos. The country here is beautiful and from the tower in Santo Domingo de la Calzada I could see much of the green countryside.

I liked going to the temple in Madrid. I helped with baptisms, which I always enjoy. I hope to go to the temple in Madrid again before leaving Spain for Utah. It seems strange that in a few weeks I'll be returning to the United States. We only have two more trips left. This experience has been a blessing for me. I wanted to come to Spain so that I could improve my Spanish. I think this has happened, at least a little bit. However, other things have happened as well, which I believe will be more important in my life than my Spanish.

Because I've been far away from friends and from family, I've had to trust more in God. There's an eight hour time difference between me and my closest friends. As a result, they're not usually awake until it's about two o'clock here at the earliest. And at the time that they're getting ready to leave work, I'm getting ready for bed. Because of this, if I need support or help, I have to ask God for it. I've seen miracles when I've needed them. My testimony has grown here in Spain.

It's not what I thought would happen. But, like Mormon said, God has "a wise purpose" (Words of Mormon 1:7) for me and for all of his children. He has a wise purpose for you. I know it.

For now, that's all. Until next time. 

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